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Camping - the next great family adventure!

When I was a kid we camped all of the time. No one I knew here in Nova Scotia had a cottage, took trips to US to catch a game or traveled to Europe to visit friends. We all just camped.

And we LOVED IT!

Yes, I am sure my mom did most of the work before we left the house, the packing and the sorting, the prepping of the meals and the snacks and I know my dad did most of the work when we got there, setting up the tent, sorting the gear and starting the fire. It was a lot to be sure but I can tell you that some of my favourite childhood memories are of camping.

Today, kids spend most of their time on their devices, heads down and thumbs flying and with social distancing and quarantines, it has been hard to find anything that resembles "normal".

While we may not be able to plan for a grand touring vacation this summer, we can get back to basics and in my books - camping is right up there.

So pack up the tent, throw in a deck of cards, an old guitar and the marshmallows and get back to nature.

Even if it's just in your own backyard...

Your kids and your soul will thank you!

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