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Spooky Nova Scotian Ghost Stories

Updated: May 24, 2023

Spooky Stories to tell around your Shubie Campground Campfire...


With Halloween just around the corner we want to share some spooky and scary ghost stories with all our Shubie Campers!

Five Fishermen Restaurant The five fishermen restaurant is a famed location to taste Nova Scotian Ocean Goodies, but the stories go beyond the food. Located in downtown Halifax the building has severed several purposes, and has severed as the mortuary that served the victims of the Halifax Explosion, as well as those bodies from the Titanic. There are several stories of spooky occurrences of restaurant patrons as well as staff members. The Five Fishermen Restaurant website shares several stories such as this one:

"One day in the middle of the summer, on a sunny afternoon it fell to this certain young fellow the task of setting up the salad bar. He would arrive at 3:00 in the afternoon. The salad bar items were brought from the floor above on four large trays, through the swinging doors, around the bar to the salad bar area. On one of his passes he heard a loud crash, but because his hands were full, he could do nothing about it. Upon returning for the next load, he decided to investigate the noise he had heard. When he looked around the corner of the bar, he found several pieces of an ashtray on the floor. He bent down to retrieve the pieces and when he stood up he was looking directly into a mirror, and in the mirror he could see the reflection of an old man, walking away from him down the aisle. He was tall with long grey hair and was wearing a long black coat that seemed to be from another time. Startled, for he was sure he was the only person in the restaurant, he turned to see who this could be but there was no one there. When he turned back to the mirror, the image had disappeared. Thinking his eyes were playing tricks on him, the brave young fellow shrugged and returned to his duties."

The Ghosts of Citadel Hill

To locals there is little debate that citadel hill has been inhabited by several supernatural beings. Being one of Canada's oldest National Historic sites, the 36 documented ghost sightings doesn't begin to cover the number of eerie things happening around citadel hill! One of the many famed ghost stories is that of Officer Edwards. A famed lieutenant who's lover wanders the back staircases of Citadel Hill. There is a second famous story of a soldier who was murdered in cold blood and thrown down a well where his remains were found years hundreds of years later.

Haunted Peggy's Cove

Peggy's Cove is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the east coast. From Stunning views to scenic picnics it is the perfect stop for foreigners and locals alike. From near and far many have claimed to have seen the ghost of the woman in the blue dress on the rocks. There have been several ghost sightings at Peggy's cove but none as infamous as Margaret. Margaret has settled in Peggy's cove calling it home after an accident claimed the life of her children. Margaret spent her days and evenings walking the dangerous rocks of the Cove, grieving their loss. Many tried to console the grieving woman including her own husband who was jumping around the rocks dancing for his love. He slipped and fell off the slippery rocks and distraught knowing she could not save him, took her life as well. Several visitors to this day, report seeing a distraught woman in a blue dress, standing on the rocks above the ocean. When they get too close, she jumps and disappears.

The Deacon of St Pauls Anglican Church

In Grand Parade Square, in the heart of downtown Halifax, stands the oldest building in Halifax, St. Paul’s Anglican Church. It goes without saying that the oldest building would be haunted... Legend has it that on the morning on the Halifax Explosion, December 6, 1917, a deacon was standing in front of the window gazing out at the scene in the harbour just before the blast. Like so many others, he did not survive and the intense light and heat from the explosion caused his profile to be forever etched on the glass, leaving his shadow behind for years to come. Spooky truth or random coincidence? Go ahead, stand on Argyle Street and gaze up at the church windows on the second floor and decide for yourself.

Happy Halloween!!!

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