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Top Ten Camping Gadgets for your Loved One this Holiday Season!

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Hey Shubie Campers - There may be snow on the ground but summer is just around the corner and camping is a great way to disconnect from technology and spend time with loved ones in the great outdoors. Camping can be challenging, and having the right gear is essential for a successful and enjoyable trip.

That's where great gadgets come in. These devices can make your experience more comfortable, convenient, and fun.

The Holiday Season is upon us and it’s time for the hardest part, deciding what to get for those hardest to buy for. Did you happen to run out of ideas for someone who loves the great outdoors?

No worries! We've got you covered. From essential items to fun and novel gadgets, these products will make your camping trip more enjoyable and memorable.

Take a look at our list of our top ten favourite camping gadgets for 2023!

Make cooking easy with a Portable Suitcase Grill! It’s portable, compact, and useful. All things necessary for camping gadgets. Explore so many more options for meals with this instead of having to struggle with cooking over an open fire that’s clearly only meant for marshmallows...

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things while camping. The only problem? Water bottles can be clunky and inconvenient when doing activities. A collapsible water container is the perfect solution! The more you drink, the less space it takes up. Perfect for packing up and moving around throughout your camping trip.

Camping requires lots of materials, yet making the most out of your space is important. The goal is the pack as much as you can while using the least amount of space as possible. Investing in a secure bag can be very beneficial to you.

There is no comparison to the natural sounds that surround you in the Great Outdoors, but having some music play in the background during dinner is always nice.

Having a waterproof speaker is a necessity while camping, you never know when the weather's going to take a turn, or when someone’s going to tip the boat, etc. The bluetooth part is simply convenient, but nonetheless convenience is a necessity while camping.

At Shubie we have clean and reliable tap water available for your convenience, but there are some places that don’t. There are two options to solve this problem: lugging around jugs of water or running water for a local body of water through a filter. A self-cleaning water bottle only takes up the space of any other water bottle you were planning to use and reduces waste!

No pictures or it didn’t happen, right? A GoPro is waterproof, small, and portable. If you know anyone who loves adventure, definitely consider getting them one to record all their escapades. It’ll serve as a memory for years to come of your incredible camping trip!

Again, packing small is important when you’re camping. A compression dry sack allows you to stuff your bag as much as it allows and then gets rid of all the air, making your bag as small as possible. Incredible gadget when you’re packing up.

Fire Starter Packs are a great idea, not only does it make things easier for you, but incase of emergency it’s a good idea to have these on hand. These packs don’t take up much space and as soon as a cold breeze hits your campsite, you’ll be ready to go!

As a camping lover, it’s impossible to get bored while you’re in the Great Outdoors. But if the impossible becomes possible, having a couple games on hand is always nice. A deck of cards is an easy way to go, but who doesn’t love Yahtzee? Especially a version made especially for your camping experience.

Hammocks are fantastic for camping. They are easy to put up, easy to put away, and don’t take up much space. Don’t forget about the fact that they are insanely comfortable and relaxing. After a long day of fun activities, hanging around in a hammock is a great way to end your day.

Our Shubie Campground Team hopes this has inspired your gift giving and that whoever is on the receiving end of one of these awesome gifts uses them to their full potential!

May you have smooth sailing holidays and be sure to show your appreciation to your loved ones with hugs and goodies this Holiday Season!

Happy Holidays!

With love,

Shubie Campground

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